Once More Unto The Breach
Tales of my second go-round with breast cancer before the age of 40, and everything since.


What, you may be wondering, does a lady of newfound leisure do with herself all day? (When she’s not eating bonbons, that is.)

Here are some things:

  • Checks headlines online. Reads “Today’s Papers” column on Slate. Checks and answers e-mail.
  • Having made the decision (again) not to wear a wig, tries to figure out how to look halfway normal to self and others. Well, more than halfway. Remains stymied.
  • Makes breakfast for incredibly handsome husband. (Yes, really. It’s not entirely a one-way street around here. Nearly, but not entirely.)
  • Has breakfast out so incredibly handsome husband can prepare for an audition. For the first time in a month, musters enough concentration to actually read at least some of the newspaper. Hopes (probably in vain) to finish later in the day.
  • Takes the long way home, picking up lox and our favorite cheese along the way.
  • Spends no less than three hours organizing medical records to send to radiation oncology guru in Boston, whom we will be seeing for a third opinion next month. Calls various doctors to request additional records. Goes to nearby copy shop to make copies and FedEx records.
  • Makes lunch, incorporating newly acquired lox.
  • Takes a 90-minute walk, ostensibly to pay off a traffic violation at a city office building, but really to get some exercise. On the way back, buys socks and a sweater for incredibly handsome husband and two shirts for self (one of which looks hideous on and will be going back tomorrow).
  • Answers door sans hat and startles Con Ed meter reader.
  • Catches up with parents, sister, and three different friends (hi, Deb! hi, Mindy! hi, Jan!) by phone.
  • Makes one dinner and two lunch dates.
  • Empties wallet and enters receipts into Quicken. Plans to balance checkbook and pay bills but discovers that internet connection is down, so can’t do either. (It’s online banking or bust around here.)
  • Orders Chinese food for dinner (incredibly handsome husband is out doing a reading of a play).
  • Watches random assemblage of TV shows, including half an episode of Gilmore Girls, a recent rerun of The West Wing, and an encore showing of the pilot of Big Love (based on Mindy’s recommendation).
  • Goes through the dozen messages that have accumulated on cell phone. Is relieved to discover that all have been returned. Plans to go through answering machine next.
  • After suitable interval, has ice-cream sundae (with homemade whipped cream left over from Zach’s trifle). Gives thanks that ice cream is one of a very small group of viable food options these days. Is amazed that Chinese food seems to be another.
  • Starts writing this post.

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